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Welcome To The AshNet IRC Network

AshNet is an IRC network that was formed back in October 2003 when it's founding members became disillusioned with their previous network and how is was being admined.
Therefore a new network was started and despite having it's fair share of ups and downs, the network continues to grow.

During the early years of the network, it has been home to many game servers such as a train sim channel and in the past has had dedicated CounterStrike & Enemy Terrority game servers for our users to enjoy.

AshNet is a community that welcomes all sorts, except those that breach our Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP).

To connect to the network now, you can use our web chat direct from your browser. Or, if you have your own IRC client direct it to, or

Latest News
  • Network Security Stepped Up
    AshNet have an open proxy monitor bot aswell as an irc blacklist scanner operational on the network in the effort to remove any unwanted guest on its servers.